Hamdok: Sudan witnessing comprehensive national crisis

In a press conference, Dr. Abdallah Hamdok, the Prime Minister of Sudan, has said that his country is currently witnessing a comprehensive national crisis that is threatening the existence of Sudan itself.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Hamdok, during his address, stated that Sudan’s crisis is represented by the escalation in disputes between partners of the transitional period.

These disputes, as per the prime minister, have become symbolic of the crisis Sudan is currently living through.

The Prime Minister warned that this escalation not only poses a threat to the transitional period, but to the existence of Sudan itself.

“Efforts have been made to communicate with the various parties and defuse the crisis, which I believe will only be resolved within the framework of a comprehensive political settlement that includes the unification of the front,” Dr. Hamdok said.

The unification of the transitional bloc, the army, and the decision making centers ranked among top priorities of what Hamdok considered the “foundations for a comprehensive political settlement”.

Among the many other obstacles threatening the course of the transitional period are the prevalent economic issues, the nationwide issue of lax security, social tensions, corruption, and challenges facing the peace process, among others.

The Prime Minister Suggests

Dr. Abdallah Hamdok called for a reform of the security and military sector, having particularly mentioned concerns regarding the security issue multiple times during his press conference.

One of the requirements proposed by him regarding the security and military reform suggested revising the economic activity of military industries and limiting it to industries of a military nature.

The prime minister also suggested integrating its economic activity into the national economy under the Ministry of Finance’s jurisdiction over public money.

Reforms to the issue of justice in Sudan, a key cornerstone and one third of the 2019 revolution’s slogan— freedom, peace, justice— were also proposed.

The reforms addressed in particular the infamous sit-in dispersal crimes that took hundreds of lives in one of the worst displays of violence witnessed in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum.

Hamdok stressed that no one should be able to evade due punishment for these crimes, and that justice for families and reforms to justice and security institutions must be ensured.

Regarding the economy, the Sudanese prime minister ensured that Sudan’s natural resources like gold and animal wealth were sufficient to help it make it out of its current economic crisis.

The issue to him lies in mismanagement of said resources and the state apparatus’s control over their export revenue, suggesting that the Ministry of Finance must impose control over public money.

Regarding the Legislative council, Hamdok put a time-frame onto the council’s formation, with an added stipulation.

“All parties are obligated to form the Legislative Council within a maximum period of one month from now and with the participation of all parties except for the National Congress (party) and those who have committed crimes and corruption against the country.”

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