Sudan pleads Security Council to discuss Renaissance Dam

According to Al-Jazeera, the Foreign Affairs minister in Sudan requested the UN Security Council to discuss the Renaissance Dam debacle before Ethiopia commences its second filling of the dam’s reservoir.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

Sudan has asked the UN Security Council to hold a meeting aimed at discussing the Renaissance Dam crisis before Ethiopia commences its second filling.

Mariam al-Mahdi, the Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, urged the UN Security Council in a letter to stop Ethiopia’s “unilateral” filling of the dam.

Both Sudan and Egypt have requested the international community intervene in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam debacle, having refused on multiple occasions Ethiopia’s insistence on going on with the second filling.

“Arab League envoy to the UN, Maged Abdel Fattah, said on Tuesday evening that Sudan and Egypt are working on a draft resolution to the Security Council on GERD if Ethiopia does not reach a deal,” the report said.

Ethiopia is adamant in going through with the filling, despite both Egypt and Sudan considering it a threat to both their national securities for Ethiopia to proceed without a binding agreement.

Attempted Solutions

The past few months have witnessed many attempts by the head of the African Union, the United States, and the Arab League at hopefully resolving the issue at hand.

Earlier this month, Ethiopia declared that it does not intend to cause any harm to both Sudan and Egypt with the construction of its hydroelectric dam.

However, Ethiopia has also accused both Egypt and Sudan of unnecessarily “internationalizing” the Renaissance Dam issue, and that the quartet mediation demanded by both countries had already taken place in the past.

Sudan and Ethiopia have also had their own different dispute concerning the Sudanese-Ethiopian border areas of al-Fashaga.

The Sudanese-Ethiopian border witnessed tensions after the Sudanese army redeployed and regained local lands from Ethiopian forces and militias.

The Sudanese army declared it would not to give up one inch of Fashaqa areas, but emphasized its unwillingness to go to war unless provoked.

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