Sudan: Trade ministry announces new controls for import

Competent authorities in Sudan issued new controls for the import of goods for commercial and personal purposes, in accordance with the recommendations of the Economic Development Sector in the Council of Ministers regarding export and import policies.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Ministry of Trade and Supply in Sudan announced new controls for the import of goods for commercial and personal purposes.

The controls came in accordance with a decision issued by the Minister of Trade and Supply, within the framework of the ministry’s policies, and in accordance with the recommendations and directives of the Economic Development sector in the Council of Ministers.

The decision stressed, according to the Sudan News Agency report published today, the need for those who practice commercial import to be registered in the exporters and importers register, and to have a valid registration certificate in accordance with the Exporters and Importers Registration Law of 2008.

The decision stipulated that goods that are to be imported are to be included in the register.

The decision also clarified that import is not allowed except only after completing banking procedures and obtaining a form from commercial banks.

It obligated the submission of invoices, certificates of origin, conformity to specifications, agricultural, health and veterinary quarantine restrictions, and other restrictions.

According to the decision, it is not allowed to clear sealed goods at the port of Osman Digna and other ports.

The decision prohibited the trade of baggage through passenger lounges and warehouses at airports, seaports, crossings and border stations.

Regarding the import of personal items, the decision stressed that the total value allowed for importing personal items should not exceed $2000, and that it be diversified.

Non-Essential and Luxury Items

The Minister of Trade and Supply, Ali Gedo, had confirmed in a previous statement that his ministry worked to rationalize the import of luxury goods and did not prevent their import.

He revealed interim controls and conditions for the exemption granted to expatriates, regarding allowing those returning to the country permanently to import small cars (sedans and pick-up trucks).

Gedo announced a halt to the import of non-essential goods such “creams, cosmetics, types of fruits, ceramics and porcelain.”

The minister said that commercial clearance is not allowed for people and individuals who do not hold the register of exporters and importers and do not meet the procedures related to bank transfers.

A previous publication by the Ministry of Commerce registered all import operations with the controls set by the ministry in coordination with the competent authorities.

The minister had stated that they did not prevent the import of luxury goods—as some believe—but rather worked to rationalize their import due to the exchange rate problem, stressing that it is a temporary measure.

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