School closure in Kadugli due to fears of armed conflict

The school closure in Kadugli came about after conflict broke out near a one five JVC (Japan International Volunteer Center) owned schools in Kadugli’s Shair district. This prompted not only regular school closure, but the supplementary classes offered by the JVC as well.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

The school closure in Kadugli, according to the JVC’s official website, came after a dispute between travelling  herders and locals over water for livestock escalated to a conflict which witnessed the use of gunfire.

An innocent passerby was caught in the ensuing gunfire exchange was killed in the process.

Due to the man belonging to the Arab Baggara people, the local Nuba people feared retaliation following last year’s armed conflict in Kadugli.

In the process, many people—mostly women and children— fled the area to nearby military bases or houses of relatives, with a few men remaining to protect their homes in case retaliation happens.

Last Year’s Conflict

62 students had completed the JVC’s supplementary school program in the Shair district.

After the aforementioned events that took place last year, the number dropped to only 24 students attending classes.

A teacher at the school expressed concerns regarding the number of students not coming back to resume their education.

“Take a close look at these classrooms. There are still so many absentees. Other schools are beginning their end-of-year exams next week. Since our school was closed, we are not prepared to start having exams yet,” he said.

The fears of violence escalating have not only impeded school programs in the Shair district alone according to the report.

Another district 15 kilometers away from the Shair district had also suffered from absentee students, as parents felt uncomfortable sending their children to study near areas of possible conflict.

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