Ethiopia to the Security Council: Egypt and Sudan want to impose their will

While the Renaissance Dam crisis continues between Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia, Ethiopia declared, today, Friday, that it sent a letter on Wednesday to the UN Security Council, recording its rejection of Egypt and Sudan’s efforts to interfere in the Renaissance Dam issue.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Ethiopia considered in its letter to the Security Council that the tripartite talks that aimed, for years, at strengthening cooperation should not be used by downstream countries to impose their will.

The Foreign Ministry indicated that the aforementioned letter considered the recent measures in Cairo and Khartoum as a continuation of a well-organized scheme to undermine the African Union-led negotiation process

The ministry added that this continuous undermining would only erode trust between the three countries.

In addition, it accused them of disrupting the negotiations 9 times and undermining the real efforts of the AU.

Failure to Agree

It is noteworthy that Egypt previously announced that the current negotiations track under the auspices of the African Union would not make significant progress.

This came after tensions escalated following talks the AU mediated between the three countries faltering last April.

Cairo and Khartoum also renewed their call for the international community to help resolve their decade-long dispute with Ethiopia over the dam Addis Ababa is building on the Blue Nile, the Nile’s main tributary.

 They also adhered to the need to reach a binding international agreement regulating the stages of filling and the water amount Ethiopia releases downstream, especially in the event of a long drought, which the latter rejects.

They also considered that the Ethiopian plan to add 13.5 billion cubic meters of water in July 2021 to the dam’s reservoir constitutes a threat to them.

Addis Ababa intends on sticking to its plans, stressing that the $5 billion dam is essential for the vast majority of its residents who lack electricity.

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