US calls for Israeli engagement with civilian half in Sudan

US president Joe Biden’s administration is urging Israeli government for more engagement with the civilian half of the government in Sudan –rather than just the military component alone– in hopes of advancing the normalization process between both countries.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

According to Axios, the US charge d’affaires in Khartoum has been informed that the Israeli government’s engagement with the civilian half of the transitional government in Sudan has been non-existent, with Israel preferring to exclusively engage the military half of the government and the intelligence services.

The civilian component advised US president Joe Biden’s administration to intervene in this matter.

“State Department officials then conveyed that message to the Israeli Foreign Ministry and prime minister’s office, and made clear that the State Department also believes Israel should work with Sudan through civilian channels,” the report said.

The US hopes its move helps aid the advancement of the normalization process, which had reportedly been experiencing tensions as of late.

Tensions and Disapproval

Tensions were brought up to the surface when an Israeli Mossad spy plane landed in Khartoum last week as per the Axios report.

The Mossad officials met with the transitional sovereignty council’s second in command, Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti).

Hemedit, according to Axios, has been trying to foster relations with the Israelis in order to promote personal domestic agendas in Sudan.

Sudanese officials did not take kindly to the visit, viewing it as an Israeli approach aiming at undermining al-Burhan and the civilian government, a source told the news portal.

Similarly, It was reported earlier that the government in Israel had expressed dissatisfaction with both Sudanese and Bahraini governments.

This disapproval came in light of both countries supporting the United Nations Human Rights Council’s formation of the Education Committee in the Gaza Strip early this month.

Both governments in Khartoum and Manama were among the four countries to have officially normalized relations with the state of Israel last year.

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