JEM denies attribution regarding “Empowerment Removal”

The Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) described statements criticizing an Empowerment Removal Committee’s decision, which were attributed to the head of the movement, Minister of Finance Dr. Jibreel Ibrahim, as “lies and fabrications.”.”

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The JEM confirmed that statements attributed to the head of the movement alleged that the minister had described the Empowerment Removal Committee’s decision to freeze suspicious bank accounts in Sudanese banks as “bullying.”

In a press statement on Friday, the movement’s spokesman, Mutassim Ahmed Saleh, described what had been published in some media as the continuation of a series of lies and fabrications.

“This alleged statement is completely unfounded, as the leader of the movement never made any statement to any party in this regard,” Saleh said.

He added that what had been falsely attributed to the JEM leader is nothing more than an “attempt to patch a hexagonal rag with a pentagonal patch, which aims, among other things, to complicate the country’s political scene.

The spokesman considered that the statement that had been attributed to Dr. Jibreel is nothing but a miserable and desperate attempt to undermine the Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement and its leadership.

The “Statement”

The statement had alleged that Dr. Jibreel considered the Empowerment Removal Committee’s decision to freeze bank accounts linked to some suspects in currency trading as a blatant interference with the affairs of his ministry.

According to the alleged news, Dr. Jibreel considered that what the committee had done was apprehend people under mere suspicion without substantial evidence confirming the existence of currency trading.

The statement also mentioned that the minister had promised to override the decision, considering that it was not based on legal grounds.

On Thursday, the Empowerment and Anti-Corruption Committee announced the freezing of accounts and the investigation of employees regarding suspicious banking transactions.

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