Dagalo chairs National Juba Peace Agreement Implementation follow-up Committee meeting

The First Deputy Chairman of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti), chaired the fifth National Juba Peace Agreement Implementation follow-up committee meeting at the Republican Palace in Khartoum on Sunday.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

According to Sudan News Agency (SUNA), the Dagalo chaired Juba Peace Agreement follow-up committee meeting, was attended TSC members Shams el-Din Kabbashi, along with Yasser al-Atta, owner of Air Agar al-Hadi Idris, and members of the committee.

The meeting briefed attendees on the current position, and the implementation of previous directives and decisions.

The Head of the Peace Commission Suleiman al-Dabilo stated in a press statement post-meeting that the committee had listened to the other committees’ reports – including the Imbalances Committee– which is nearing completion of its work and will submit its final report within the next two days.

Al-Dabilo explained that the committee also listened to the report of the Eastern Sudan Committee, and that the meeting recommended the necessity of expediting the committee’s work to address the East’s issue.

With regard to the work of the Special Committee on Infractions, al-Dabilo indicated that the National implementation follow up committee has defined the tasks of this committee, which has nothing to do with the Joint Committee for the Protection of Citizens in Darfur.

On the implementation of security arrangements, the Peace Commission’s chairperson stated that the committee assigned a number of members to follow up on the formation of the security arrangements committees.

With regard to the joint force for the protection of civilians in Darfur, al-Dabilo explained that all parties have committed to submit their participation lists within one day from now, in preparation for the start of the formation of this force.

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