Rwandan community in Sudan celebrates 27th “Liberation Day”

Thursday evening, the Rwandan community in Sudan celebrated the 27th anniversary of its liberation, declaring that Rwanda relies positively on friends and partners, while expressing its gratitude to Sudan – as people and government – for their continue cooperation.

AlTaghyeer: Amal Muhammad al-Hassan

Abel Buhungu, head of the Rwandan diplomatic mission to Sudan, expressed his people’s optimism and confidence regarding the future of the generations to come.

Buhungu noted that three important choices were made by the people of Rwanda in order to meet the challenges imposed post the Rwandan genocide; togetherness, responsibility, and comprehensive thinking.

During the festivities, which took place within the Rwandan embassy in Khartoum, Buhungu noted that post-genocide Rwanda has made big strides in terms of politics, society, and the economy, aimed at benefiting all Rwandans.

Unity, Hard Work, Respect, Responsibility

To Abel Buhungu’s government, the single most valuable resource in its possession is its own people; the Rwandans.

The Rwandan ambassador to Sudan  pointed out that his country’s Liberation Day – which is celebrated under the slogan “Together we prosper” – represents sacrifices, heroism, and the unity of Rwandans in achieving comprehensive liberation.

Abel Buhungu giving a speech on the occasion

He quoted his country’s President Paul Kagame’s speech on the same occasion in 2012, saying: “As we begin the next phase of our journey, we will continue to consolidate the values ​​that have brought us this far – unity, hard work, mutual respect, and shared responsibility.”

Buhungu added that Rwanda is positively dependent on its friends and partners.

In reference to the growing bilateral relations between the two countries, the ambassador expressed his gratitude to both the people and government of Sudan for their continued cooperation,.

“We witnessed an exchange of many high-level visits, the last of which was from the Sudanese Foreign Minister last May,” the Rwandan ambassador said.

The head of the Rwandan diplomatic mission called on investors and tourists residing in Sudan to visit, explore, enjoy, and sincerely consider the excellent, safe, high potential business climate in Rwanda for their own benefit, as well as for the interest of both countries.

years have passed since the memory of the Rwandan genocide of 1994, which lasted for about 100 days, and in which nearly one million Rwandans were killed.

According to UN estimates, 20% of the country’s population had died off in the genocide due to the violent ethnic confrontations between the ruling Tutsi tribe and the Hutu tribe at the time.

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