Port Sudan bombing: Doctor’s committee reveals new details

The Central Committee of Doctors of Sudan – NGO – announced that four deaths and three injuries occurred as a result of the bombing at the al-Amir club in the Slabona neighborhood of Port Sudan.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The committee said in a press statement on Saturday night that it had counted two gunshot wounds and one stabbing injury.

The NGO also revealed that there was another attempt to detonate a similar device at the al-Busairi Plaza Hotel in the city.

Sources in Port Sudan confirmed on Saturday evening, the killing and wounding of a number of al-Amir blub goers in the Slabona neighborhood, in a hand-grenade bombing carried out by unknown persons.

The Doctors Committee called on the regular and armed forces to do their duty to maintain security and save the lives of citizens.

“This bloodshed is a deduction from the wealth of our people and a deepening of a wound was on the brink of healing before it opened up again, and the tribal strife is a manifestation of a political crisis behind which the perishing dark regime stands.”

The committee had a message to those behind these plans, saying that “your plans will face failure in the face of our people’s desire to move forward and realize the slogans of the revolution.”

The doctor’s committee appealed to the people of Port Sudan to show wisdom and tolerance in overcoming this ordeal.

Recurrent Violence

The coastal city of Port Sudan is witnessing civil tensions, which have led to the deaths of dozens, in light of the frequent collapse of the tribal reconciliation process, popularly known as “Al-Qald”.

Violence was repeated within the city more than once between civil components, the last of which was in the Dar al-Naim neighborhood.

Last week also witnessed the closure of the Khartoum-Kassala-Port Sudan national road, at the request of the Supreme Council of Beja Officials and Independents to protest the detention of a number of residents of the region in Khartoum after their participation in the June 30 processions.

This move prompted the Red Sea State Security Committee to cancel all travel to Port Sudan, and to allow buses to leave only from the Red Sea State, in order to preserve lives and property.

No official statements were issued regarding the latest incident up until the moments the event was published in the news.

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