Resistance committees in Gedaref sit-in after doctors strike

The resistance committees in Gedaref state demanded the return of the state’s doctors to hospitals and an end to their strike during a sit-in in front of the state governor’s house.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

On Saturday, the Resistance Committees in Gedaref State carried out a sit-in in front of the state governor’s house, in solidarity with patients in the city’s hospitals that have become completely devoid of doctors after a comprehensive strike by the state doctors.

The Unified Office of the Gedaref State Physicians implemented the strike program and directed its employees to evacuate their positions from hospitals and specialized centers, starting last Tuesday, after the expiry of the week-long deadline they gave the government to implement their demands.

According to SUNA, the resistance committees closed and partially blocked the streets around the governor’s house, while the police closely monitored the situation without interfering with the sit-in.

The demands of the resistance committees were limited to mostly the return of doctors to their duty stations.

The Unified Office of State Doctors had previously submitted a memorandum to the state governor, calling for improvement to the work environment and the provision of medicines, devices, and medical equipment to state hospitals, specialized centers, and rural hospitals.

It also demanded the dismissal of the Director General of the Ministry of Health, the appointment of more capable director general instead, and the activation of the advisory council for the Director General of the Ministry of Health.

In a similar event, the coordination of health cadres at the Ministry of Health in the state and the resistance committees organized a protest last week, during which they denounced the doctors’ strike, and considered it as politicization of both the patients and the profession.

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