Situation “bad” in Red Sea after bombing

The Red Sea State’s Ministry of Health has described the situation as “bad” following the bombing that took place in Port Sudan, adding ailment to a city suffering from the outbreak of COVID-19, and the scarcity of both medication and medical staff.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer: Ala’a Musa

The Ministry of Health in the Red Sea State painted a bleak picture of the state in lieu of the bombing that took place Saturday evening, in addition to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the shortage of medicines and personnel.

The director general of the state’s health sector Zaafaran al-Zaki told AlTaghyeer on Sunday that the situation is bad.

She indicated that the number of deaths due to the bombing in Port Sudan totaled four, while four others were injured, with one critically wounded.

The hand grenade bombing took place at the al-Amir club in the Slabona neighborhood of Port Sudan, the capital of the Red Sea State.

Zaafaran also admitted that the return of COVID-19 has left state officials worried that the many injuries being reported won’t be able to find hospital beds nor isolation centers to contain them.

The Minister of Health in charge complained of the acute shortage of anesthesia drugs for operations, and explained that the state was suffering from a shortage of medical personnel.

Government Officials to the Port

The head of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, affirmed the his government’s keenness to  implement the law, and ensure security, stability and development in eastern Sudan.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok directed a number of ministers to leave for the Red Sea State following the events.

Hamdok stressed the need to impose strict security measures on the ground to stop all intrusions, and to arrest anyone who is proven to be involved in the violence.

In a statement, the Central Sudanese Doctors Committee called on the regular and armed forces to carry out their duty to maintain security and save the lives of citizens.

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