Sudanese Civil Defense Council: Long-term plan to confront all disasters

The Sudanese Civil Defense’s Supreme Council revealed preparations for a long-term strategic plan aimed at reducing risks of disasters of all kinds, and announced its readiness to face the fall season.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Director of the General Administration of Sudanese Civil Defense, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Omar Saeed, announced the thorough completion of all preparations for the current fall season.

On Sunday, a meeting of the Central Operations Room of the National Civil Defense Council was held.

General Ahmed Omar said during the meeting, according to released press statements, that a long-term strategic plan has been prepared to reduce the risks of all kinds of disasters.

He affirmed that all of the council’s components are working on mitigating the harmful effects of natural disasters.

Saeed called on all media outlets to play their role in raising awareness and informing the public on the hazards of the fall season.

He stated that the meeting discussed many proposals and solutions for natural disasters in the event that they occur.

Maj. Gen. Saeed explained that the council’s meeting produced a fruitful package of important decisions and recommendations, most notably providing the necessary resources for the Supreme Council of Civil Defense and enabling it to perform its role through early warning units and a system designed to predict natural disasters.

Saaed also spoke of the need to establish an integrated information base equipped with the latest modern technologies.

He assured the expansion of the scope of community participation through mobilizing community effort, accelerating the formation of the Risk and Disaster Management Authority, and activating its complementary role within the National Civil Defense Council.

A month ago, the Sudanese Meteorological Authority released its seasonal forecast report.

It expects above average rains in most parts of the country during the fall season, and called on the people to take precautions.

Some states are characterized by above-average rainfall over the season, leading to torrential rains and floods that spread over large areas.

The fall of last year was devastating for most parts of Sudan, with rainfall and floods leading to the displacement of a quarter of a million families.

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