Hamdok bid paves way for Khartoum waste management

The governor of Khartoum, Ayman Khaled, welcomed Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok’s sovereign guarantee to launch a global tender for integrated waste management within the state.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

On Monday, Khaled called on the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning to approve the launch of the global bid.

He explained that the bid’s technical specifications include materials to be recycled and the types of devices and equipment required to carry out recycling, organic fertilizer production, and generating electricity.

The governor pointed out that the procedures and technical specifications for opening the global bid are for the companies submitted in the bid to include their full address, their account numbers, and the banks they deal with to verify and investigate the financial capacity of the company.

In addition, the bid would require a sovereign guarantee from the Ministry of Finance, taking into account the specifications and standards determined by the specialized technical authorities.

On the state’s plan to deal with hygiene, the governor said that all of Khartoum’s hygiene budgets are based on a zero-sum budget(revenues = expenditures) as a result of the poor collection of waste fees in the localities, especially residential sector fees.

He pointed out that the state government has put in place many legal reforms such as a law on waste and its explanatory regulations, as well as activating field supervision to curb random waste disposal.

Governor Khaled said that commercial, service and industrial activities are obliged to contract with the Khartoum State Cleaning Authority regarding integrated waste management, considering it a binding condition for issuing licenses.

Failure to also provide containers commensurate with the volume of waste produced could bring about severe penalties for violators, that may lead to loss of commercial licenses and a complete ban from commercial activity.

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