Minnawi calls for normal relations between Sudan and Israel

The governor of Darfur Minni Arko Minnawi called for Sudan establishing normal relations with Israel, noting that the move would not diminish the Palestinian cause.


AlTaghyeer: Agencies

Minnawi said on Saturday that he was clueless about the reason for enmity between Sudan and Israel, calling for the establishment of normal relations between the two countries.

The end of US President Donald Trump’s era saw Sudan announce the signing of a historical peace accord with Israel.

“I do not know what Sudan’s problem with Israel is nor do I know the reason for the hostility,” Minnawi said in statements made to Sputnik news agency.

The Darfur governor called for the establishment of normal relations between the two countries, stressing that it does not preclude the continuing efforts aimed at resolving the Palestinian issue.

“There is no hostility between societies, and the establishment of normal relations paves the way for benefiting from advanced technology,” he added.

Minnawi, who took office last May, expressed no objection to establishing relations with Israel that would help in rejuvenate the region, stressing that this is similar to “attracting investments from Saudi Arabia, UAE, and others.”

In December last year, Sudan repealed the Israel boycott law signed in 1958, and a month later concluded the Abraham Accords signing, which paved the way for normalization with Israel.

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