Foreign Affairs: Write-offs verify Sudanese government correct approach

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the Paris Club’s decision to write off “14.1” billion dollars off of Sudan’s debts as an assurance of the Sudanese government correctly approaching dealing with its internal and external policies.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the unprecedented international alignment with the Sudanese government confirms the government’s correct approach to external and internal policies.

In a press statement, the ministry welcomed the decision of the members of the Paris Club to forgive “14.1” billion dollars of Sudan’s debts, as a first step in the comprehensive treatment of the debt issue after Sudan entered the HIPC’s decision point.

The statement declared that Sudan is now on the path to a comprehensive reform to its economy, and has created an atmosphere that allows for the return of foreign investment.

 “Sudan is looking forward to reach the completion point in 2024, which will witness the exemption of the remaining sovereign debts by up to 100%, and this enables it, in addition to the full exemption of its debts, to receive additional financial resources from the members of the Paris Club,” the statement said.

Foreign Affairs has considered that this push in support of Sudan confirms that the transitional government has adopted a constructive foreign policy that took the country from being an isolated pariah state for thirty years, to a more responsible state.

It expressed its appreciation to the countries that supported Sudan and stood by it to enable it to reach this stage.

The ministry added that Sudan has found an appreciable international support in achieving this great achievement.

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