Sudan granted $20 million by African Development Bank for Water and Power Project in Kordofan

The African Development Bank has provided Sudan with $20 million for power and water projects in Kordofan states.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The government in Sudan announced that the African Development Bank (AfDB) will work on establishing the Kordofan power and water projects.

Dr. Adam al-Hreika, a member of the government delegation to the African mini-summit held in Cote d’Ivoire, said that the summit constituted a great political and moral support for Sudan as it returns to the international community.

The government delegation, led by Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok returned from the summit held to support the renewal of the resources of the International Development Association (IDA) on Saturday.

Al-Hreika said in a press statement at Khartoum Airport that the prime minister met on the sidelines of the summit with the AfDB vice president.

The vice president confirmed the bank’s support for Sudan within the framework of economic projects, and asked that Sudan submit studies for its proposed projects.

He pointed out that Hamdok mentioned in his summit speech that Sudan has been absent from IDA meetings for over thirty years, and stressed that Sudan’s return represents a very big opportunity to carry out necessary Sudanese economy reforms.

Al-Hreika stressed that the reforms undertaken by the Sudanese government to restore economic growth and fight poverty require support from many sides.

The government delegate noted that Hamdok called on IDA to assist Sudan at its current stage.

IDA Benefits

Regarding Sudan’s benefits, al-Hreika explained that the IDA Executive Director stressed that they would require the establishment of a strong and effective project implementation unit, guaranteeing their contribution within this framework.

He pointed out that the mini-summit concluded its work with the Abidjan Declaration to renew IDA resources with about “100” billion dollars for the next three years.

Al-Harika also mentioned that the issue of exempting Sudan’s debts with the Paris Club group in accordance with the “HIPC” initiative has been achieved, with only procedural space that it takes time to be achieved in remaining.

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