Red Sea COVID-19 situation “better”

The Ministry of Health in the Red Sea State described the health situation as “better” following the recent COVID-19 surge having reached “community spread” level, and recommended the extension of the emergency order for another week.

AlTaghyeer: Port Sudan: Ala’a Musa

The Ministry of Health in the Red Sea state confirmed that the health situation has improved following the recent outbreak of COVID-19, but considered the situation yet to be reassuring.

Saturday, the Federal Ministry of Health stated that it had been monitoring the increased deaths in the state, and investigating their causes and their connection to the virus.

The health ministry also confirmed that it is assessing whether or not to issue an order preventing the burial of the dead before the causes of death are identified.

The Director General of the Red Sea Health Sector, Dr. Zaafaran al-Zaki, told AlTaghyeer today that the health situation today is better than what it had been a few weeks back.

“But we are not out of the woods yet,” she added, while acknowledging that the corona virus has reached the stage of community spread.

Zaafaran ruled out any desire to sequester the Red Sea state at the present moment.

She revealed that the Supreme Chamber responsible for managing the COVID crisis raised recommendations to extend Emergency Order No. 47 for another week, with an emphasis on health requirements and precautions, plus fines for violators.

The director general also revealed that awareness campaigns emphasizing the importance of vaccination are in the works.

Efforts Undertaken

The Federal Ministry of Health has provided about 300,000 doses of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine to the state. The ministry also announced that the confirmed cases totaled 1725, including 146 deaths.

In the Red Sea, Zaafaran announced the expected arrival of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the coming days, and announced visits to the various state localities during the next two weeks.

For its part, the Legal Doctors Association demanded a complete three-week curfew all over the state, with the closure of all crossings leading to and from t.

A Physicians Association report said that the state was also witnessing the spread of suspected cases of hemorrhagic fevers in addition to the third wave of the virus.

The report explained that the deaths recorded during the third wave were 64, with the confirmed cases from June 15th to July 21st amounting to 484, with a 3.5% fatality rate.

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