12 Ethiopian planes make emergency landing at Khartoum Airport

Aviation authorities in Sudan announced that 12 damaged Ethiopian planes had landed at Khartoum International Airport.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Director of the Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority, Ibrahim Adlan, stated that Khartoum Airport had never received 12 Ethiopian planes in a span of 6 hours before.

Civil aviation stated that bad weather conditions prevented the planes from making a landing at Addis Ababa airport.

They pointed out that visibility had decreased at the Ethiopian capital’s airport on Sunday night.

The head of civil aviation in Sudan, told Sudan’s new agency SUNA today that the Khartoum airport authorities dealt with the matter with high professionalism and full coordination.

Adlan stated that the airport provided the airplanes with the necessary technical and logistical services before their departed safely after having received news of improved weather conditions at Addis’ airport.

He noted that this did not affect the airport services and usual flight schedules.

The Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority pointed out that Khartoum’s airport works as a backup airport for Addis Ababa during such circumstances.

This is according to agreed international arrangements, but never before has it received 12 Ethiopian planes within 6 hours.

Adlan indicated that two other Ethiopian planes had been diverted to airports in Jeddah and Djibouti.

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