Trial for security personnel accused in killing of «Mahjoub»

The mother of Mahjoub al-Taj Mahjoub demanded that the harshest punishments be brought against the security personnel accused of killing her son during the protests that overthrew General Omar Al-Bashir.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Monday in Khartoum witnessed the trial of two security personnel accused of killing protester Mahjoub al-Taj during the peaceful revolution that culminated in the overthrow of the deposed Omar al-Bashir.

A medical student at al-Razi College, Mahjoub al-Taj was killed while defending his colleagues from the security crackdown.

Mahjoub received several fatal blows to the head after he was arrested by regular forces within campus vicinity.

The court convened under the chairmanship of Judge Zuhair Babiker Abdel Razek, a judge of the Special and General Courts, and adjourned its sessions to next Monday so that the defendants could exercise their right to appeal.

The indictment had asked the court to give the defendants another opportunity after the forfeiture of their right to appeal, due to the expiration of the time limit set by the law.

The outer courtyard next to the court building witnessed a “solidarity stand” attended by families of the deceased, his colleagues, and activists from the Resistance Committees, demanding justice.

The crowd raised slogans stating that “Blood for blood, we do not accept blood money,” and “the mother of the martyr is my mother”.

Mahjoub’s mother, Wedad Othman, appeared tearful in a Sudan News agency video broadcast Monday morning, demanding retribution for her son.

In her speech, she said they “will only accept the gallows for these criminal killers who killed my son.”

Security men and affiliates of the former regime killed dozens of protesters at the height of the protest movement from December 2018 to April 2019.

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