Sudan, Algeria Foreign Affairs meet over Renaissance Dam

The Foreign Minister of Algeria, Ramtane Lamamra, arrived in Sudan as part of the latest effort to bridge the gap created by the Renaissance Dam issue.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

On Saturday, and during her meeting with the minister from Algeria, Maryam Al-Sadiq al-Mahdi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Sudan, expressed her hope that Ethiopia would return to its senses in the Renaissance Dam talks.

Al-Mahdi briefed Lamamra on recent developments in the Renaissance Dam issue, reiterating Khartoum’s rejection of unilateral measures and it still adhering to a binding agreement.

Ethiopia had recently announced the completion of a second filling of the dam’s reservoir lake.

The Ethiopian government also announced that the filling was to pump in an estimated volume of 13.5 billion cubic meters of water.

However, the Sudanese Ministry of Irrigation confirmed that the stock during filling did not exceed four.

The Sudanese minister indicated that Khartoum is seeking to reach a diplomatic solution to the Renaissance Dam crisis.

Al-Mahdi also insured Lamamra of Sudan’s keenness on making sure its eastern neighbor Ethiopia finds stability.

Ethiopia is currently suffering from a growing armed rebellion against the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s federal government.

For his part, Lamamra assured his country’s willingness to seek addressing the Renaissance Dam issue by positively pushing the will and confidence of the parties to open up to the prospect of negotiations.

The Ministers on Libya

In an unrelated context, al-Mahdi called for the necessity of coordinating efforts to help the conflicting Libyan parties reach an agreement and a solution that achieves peace and stability.

She explained that Sudan will spare no effort in helping achieve security and stability in Libya.

The Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the national community abroad praised the role played by Sudan within the neighboring countries to help Libya reach stability.

The minister invited his Sudanese counterpart to visit Algeria to look further into the prospects of cooperation and joint coordination.

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