Mayor of Sennar warns of a repeat of last year’s floods

The Mayor of  Sennar, al-Mahi Suleiman, revealed that they sent a distress call to the central government regarding the flood season, in light of growing fears of a repeat of last year’s disastrous floods.

AlTaghyeer: Ala’a Musa

Suleiman warned of a repeat of last year’s floods, which had led to the demolition of thousands of houses and the destruction of hundreds of agricultural orchards in the state.

The mayor said in an exclusive statement to AlTaghyeer on Sunday, that the “situation” is on the verge of flooding, and has put the state in the highest degree of preparedness.

So far, as per the mayor of Sennar, the situation is “under control.”

He also confirmed that he had issued a distress signal requesting the central government send aid to help mitigate the effects of the flood, but is yet to receive a response.

Suleiman explained that the Sennar province succeeded in rebuilding the protective bridge in the Sinja area after its collapse during last year’s flood.

He pointed out that the state worked early on rebuild, plan, and relocate some of the affected areas, and to resettle about 100,000 citizens to safer areas.

Fears are growing in Sudan of the possibility of a repeat of the tragedy of last year’s floods, which killed 117 people, destroyed 100,000 homes, and displaced about 600,000 people.

Heavy Rains

At the end of last week, the General Administration of Reservoirs at the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources expected an increase in the water supply at the Blue Nile as a result of heavy rains in the Ethiopian plateau.

The Ministry of Irrigation said that there will be a gradual increase in the water levels of the Blue Nile, south of the Roseires reservoir and north to Khartoum.

The ministry then called on citizens to take precautions to preserve lives and property.

Reports have also surfaced regarding a rise in the level of the Atbara River, which led to the inflow of unexpected amounts of water into the Lake Meroe Dam, north of Sudan.

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