Khartoum enters flood preparation stage

Water levels at the Nile and main tributaries continue to rise in record rates, with the Sudanese capital Khartoum entering the flood preparation stage as part of the latest developments.

AlTaghyeer: Sarah Taj al-Sir  

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources announced that Khartoum had reached the flood preparation stage after it had recorded 16.48 meters in Nile water levels, with expectations of all Nile sectors witnessing an average rise ranging from 15 to 25 cm.

The flood level in the Sudanese capital, according to competent authorities, is 16.50 metres.

The head of the Flood Committee, Abdel Rahman Saghiroun, said that the Blue Nile’s water volume at the el-Dim station on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border recorded 766 million cubic meters, and it is expected that the Nile revenue would stabilize during the next three days at 600-650 million cubic meters.

“The revenue of the Atbara River remained in the range of 300 million cubic meters, and the rate of dispositions behind the dam amounted to millions of cubic metres,” Saghiroun said.

According to the ministry’s statistics, the stations of Roseires registered 623 cubic centimeters, Sennar 597, Jabal Awliya 84, Upper Atbara and Setit 353, Khashm al-Qirba 353, and Merowe at 694.

Messages to the Citizens

In a related context, the Director of the General Administration of Civil Defense, Ahmed Omar Saeed, inspected the Nile strip at al-Kalakla’s suburbs to determine Nile levels.

Saeed directed urgent reforms and radical treatments to the affected area and called on citizens to take caution.

The Director of the Emergency and Disasters Department of the Civil Defense, Qurashi Hussein Abdel Qader, announced that the national road in the state of Blue Nile was interrupted at Abu Hajjar city due to torrential rains and floods, as the civil defense teams are working to restore the situation to normal.

In Sennar, all traffic has been stopped, and the level of the Blue Nile at Wad al-Abbas reached 17 meters, 20 meters more than what was recorded on Monday.

Hussein warned of the flow of water through the main drains and the creeks to the eastern regions, leading to the flooding of some farms.

The emergency and disasters official indicated however that no rainfall was recorded in Sennar, and there were no reports of damage to life or property.

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