Flood Committee in Sudan: Nile has surpassed flood levels

The Flood Committee in Sudan announced that the Nile has surpassed the flood level, warning that it will continue to rise.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Today, Friday, the level of the Nile in Khartoum state exceeded 16.78 meters, surpassing the flood level by 28 centimeters.

In its daily bulletin, the Flood Committee said that residents in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, and its northern side should take all necessary measures to protect themselves and property.

Increased discharge

The committee stated that the volume of the Blue Nile at the Sudanese-Ethiopian border amounted to 763 million cubic meters, while the Atbara River at the Sudanese-Ethiopian border recorded 230 million cubic meters.

The water discharge at the Roseires tank increased by 2 million cubic meters today, going from 633 to 635 million cubic meters.

The Nile waters also experienced a rise in Sennar, reaching 658 million cubic meters compared to 639 million cubic meters yesterday.

The highest increase was recorded, at the Meroe reservoir, which collected, today, 744 million cubic meters of waters, compared to 682 million cubic meters yesterday.


The flood committee’s statement warned that the Sennar-Khartoum sector will witness a rise of “5” cm, and the same will be seen in the Meroe-Dongola sector, which will witness the same increase, but the most worrying river height measure remains in Khartoum, which had exceeded the flood level by 28 cm.

The committee expected the Nile levels to continue rising in Khartoum for the coming three days.

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