Sudanese Meteorological Authority: Rainfall expected until Thursday

The Sudanese Meteorological Authority expects varying rainfall in more than “10” states starting Wednesday night and lasting until Thursday dawn.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The early warning unit of the Sudanese Meteorological Authority said that the capital Khartoum will be affected by varying rains during Wednesday night.

The unit expected in a press statement on Wednesday, the development of rainy thunder clouds in the skies of Khartoum moving westward.

They pointed out that, accordingly, the states the rainfall is expected to hit will vary according to the thunderclouds’ growth.

The unit called on highway users to drive with caution and residents of open areas to take the necessary measures, and citizens should take into account and organize their activities in those states.

Light to medium rain fell in the state of South Kordofan, without causing any loss of life and property – according to a statement by the Director of the National Emergency and Disasters Department at the General Directorate of Civil Defense, Qurashi Hussein Abdul Qadir.

He stressed the stability of the situation in the northern state, thanks to the widespread deployment of civil defense forces on the banks of rivers, islands and areas of Nile vulnerability.

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