Hamdok freezes Foreign Affairs’ recent employments

The Prime Minister ordained that all new appointments at the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs be frozen, and that a committee concerned with reviewing the ministry’s latest appointments had been formed after media frenzy surrounded its latest hiring practices.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok announced that a special committee was formed to look into the Foreign Affairs’ ministry’s latest round of appointments.

Dr. Siddiq Umbadah was tasked with spearheading the committee, with Mahjoub Mohammed Salih, Dr. Balqis Badri, Abdallah Adam Khatir, and General Abdallah Khidir Bashir all assigned as members.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Maryam al-Mahdi, had also formed her own committee to investigate complaints about the ministry’s recently appointed personnel, which accused the ministry of rejecting people who had passed the application exams and hired people who had failed instead.

Hamdok revealed that he had reviewed extensive reports provided by both Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Labor’s civil service selection committee, and, based on the documents provided to him, decided to freeze and cancel all new appointments.

The Prime minister also mentioned that he his government is on the heels of deciding on the fate of the governor of Gedaref state, and had met with the Freedom Forces Coalition (FFC) regarding the matter.

The FFC chapter in Gedaref had called for the governor’s removal after he was captured in a video footage attending activities organized by the dissolved National Congress Party.

The NCP had been formally dissolved and banned in 2019, with a degree being passed that prohibited the participation of Omar al-Bashir’s party in political activities for 10 years after he was toppled in the 2019 Sudanese revolution.

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