Hamdok presser discusses Russian Red Sea base, Abrahams Accord, Ethiopian Crisis

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok has denied that Sudan had called off the Russian Red Sea base deal, and mentioned that Israel Abrahams Accord is to be discussed later, while pointing out to the efforts undertaken by Sudan in helping bring an end to the Ethiopian crisis.

Khartom: AlTaghyeer

Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok explained during a Sunday press conference in Khartoum that, much like most agreements, the Russian Red Sea base deal requires institutional approval, which is what is currently being looked into.

Regarding the Abraham Accords with Israel, Hamdok stated that the matter had already been addressed and that it will be looked into within the framework of the legislative council after it has been established.

In a separate context, the prime minister had stated that the decision to hand over individuals with outstanding ICC warrants had already been taken last June.

However, in order for the decision to be implemented, Hamdok stated it has to be approved first during a meeting between the sovereignty council and the council of minister.

Dr. Abdalla Hamdok also pointed to the various discussions taking place between both councils in all cases that require their bilateral approval, and that both sides are at an understanding where the military component of the sovereignty council cannot be disqualified from the decision making process due to the it being an indispensible body.

Ethiopian Stability

Concerning Ethiopia, Prime Minister Hamdok, in his capacity as the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) president, stated that Sudan is diligently working on helping resolve the internal issues within neighboring Ethiopia in order to help it retain its stability and prevent the nation of 110 million people from falling prey to divisions.

The head of IGAD revealed that he had held many regional and international talks on the matter that have included the US government.

Following reports of the Sudanese ambassador being recalled from Ethiopia after Sudan’s Tigray mediation offer was rejected, Hamdok revealed that the ambassador had been recalled for consultation, and that he had returned to his work station at the Ethiopian capital.

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