Customs in Sudan seize 103 kilograms of gold

The Customs Agency in Sudan has handed over 103 kilograms of confiscated gold to the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday.

AlTaghyeer: Khartoum

The Customs Agency in Sudan, represented by its director, Lieutenant al-Tahir Bashir, delivered the confiscated gold to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, with its Minister Jibreel Ibrahim in presence.

Also in presence was the head of the Ministry of Interior Lieutenant General Ezzeldin el-Sheikh, head of Financial Affairs Lieutenant Abdelmonem Mohammed, and the CEO of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Mubarak Ardol.

The gold delivered to the Finance ministry weighed in at a total of 103.690.7 kilograms.

The Minister of Interior pointed out to the efforts undertaken by customs in helping preserve the Sudanese economy, whether in airports or along borders.

For his part, Ibrahim, the Minister of Finance, expressed his gratitude towards the Customs police for in protecting both land and economy.

Al-Tahir Bashir, head of Customs, assured of his agency’s duties being wholly dedicated to protecting the country’s economy from vandals and smugglers, especially ones who deal in precious metals or foreign currency.

He urged all Sudanese citizens to help preserve the country’s resources in order to help redirect them towards its growth and prosperity.

The Khartoum International Airport has witnessed many foiled gold-smuggling attempts as of late, with the gold transported as either a shipment or inside carry-on luggage.

The competent authorities in Sudan had also announced that top officials at the Khartoum national airport had also been arrested for aiding in the smuggling-process, but are yet still to stand trial.

The Civil Aviation Authority believes that the biggest problem they face is the privatization of airport security and handing over its responsibility to companies.

Last May, Minister of Cabinet Affairs Khaled Omar Youssef, acknowledged that there are loopholes in the internal control system at Khartoum International Airport, which he blamed for the recurring smuggling operations.

According to official statistics, gold production in Sudan ranges from 120-200 tons annually.

However, the Bank of Sudan’s export during the years 2018 and 2019 did not exceed “30” tons, with indicators confirming the leakage of the remaining quantities through smuggling.

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