Turkey offers Sudan and Ethiopia mediation

The president of Turkey revealed that the tensions between Sudan and Ethiopia over al-Fashaga had been on his agenda during his meeting with the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey, announced that his country is ready to help work out the differences between Sudan and Ethiopia over the disputed al-Fashaga region.

The Turkish president’s remarks came during a press conference held with Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, at the Turkish presidential compound in the capital Ankara.

According to the Anadol news agency, Erdogan revealed that he had discussed latest regional and international developments, and the situation in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, with the Ethiopian Prime Minister.

The Turkish president said that Turkey places great importance on Ethiopia’s peace and stability, which occupies an important and a strategic area in Africa.

“We place great importance on resolving the issue at hand, within the framework of self-control, peacekeeping, and maintaining the region’s stability,” Erdogan said.

The meeting between the two, as per Erdogan, discussed the issue of the tensions between both Sudan and Ethiopia over the disputed al-Fashaga border area.

The head of the Turkish state revealed that the matter was also discussed with the president of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, when he visited Turkey last week.

“I sincerely hope the issue could be resolved within the framework of dialogues and good neighborliness between the two countries,” he added.

“Turkey is prepared to help in whichever way possible to resolve the tensions between Sudan and Ethiopia over the al-Fashaga region, including through mediation.”

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