Flood Committee in Sudan: Nile levels in most sectors in decline expect for Atbara

The report of the Flood Committee in Sudan revealed Nile stability in most of the main sectors and dams, except for the city of Atbara – in the north of the country.

AlTaghyeer: Khartoum

The Flood Committee at the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources in Sudan predicts stability in Nile levels across most sectors, except for Atbara – Meroe – currently witnessing a “10” centimeter increase – and Shendi – Atbara, which is witnessing a rise of “3” centimeters.

The committee’s daily report mentioned that the Nile river height was recorded at 17.02 meters on Friday at the Khartoum station, dropping below the highest flood level by 64 centimeters.

The Atbara station recorded 16.10 meters while the Shendi station recorded 17.83 meters, 54 and 61 centimeters below the highest flood level respectively.

The Blue Nile’s water volume at the Sudanese-Ethiopian border was clocked at 629 million cubic meters, while the Atbara River recorded 403 million cubic meters, and the White Nile recorded 135 million cubic meters.

The statement expects stability for all of the Jabal Al-Awliya, Roseires , Shendi and Meroe  sectors.

It also predicted a decrease in Nile levels for, Saturday, by 3 cm in Wad El-Eis and Wad Madani.

The statement also mentioned that support from the Supreme Council of Civil Defense and Central Emergency had arrived, consisted of of “100,000 burlap sacks”, with additional 15,000 sacks directed towards the Shendi and al-Matama localities each, to help strengthen areas prone to flooding.

Citizens living on the banks of rivers and islands were advised to take precautions and to stay away from valleys, torrents, and creeks in order to preserve their lives and property.

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