German Archaeological Institute aids in Sudanese pyramids restoration efforts with lab donation

The German Archaeological Institute donated an integrated laboratory for the restoration of organic materials in the Sudanese pyramids.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer: Abdallah Brer

The German Archaeological Institute team consisting of the director of the Sudanese pyramids restoration mission, an engineer, a restorer, and an archaeologist.

The team began sorting and classifying the equipment, tools, and maintenance of the room that will be used for renovation purposes.

The representative of the Sudanese General Authority for Antiquities and Museums, Omaima Hasab al-Rasoul, received thirteen parcels containing restoration devices and equipment.

The German engineer and the authority’s workers proceeded with the restoration of the work building in order to install furniture and equipment, as the lab is expected to officially open next October.

Speaking to AlTaghyeer, Hasab al-Rasoul revealed that Sudanese-German cooperation in the field of preserving and protecting antiquities goes way back.

Omaima noted that cooperation with the German Archaeological Institute has been a consistently renewed endeavor, which had participated in the restoration of a number of archaeological sites such as Naqa and Musawwarat, the Bejrawiya pyramids, the royal bath, and the site of al-Hamadab.

According to Hasab al-Rasoul, the support appeared last year “when the site of the irrigated royal bath was exposed to the danger of flood waters and the rise of groundwater, and the German Institute covered the cost of maintenance.”

Omaima pointed out that the joint cooperation between Sudan and Germany is still ongoing, indicating many future projects and workshops to come.

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