UN to withdraw over 3,000 Ethiopian troops from Abyei

The UN has decided to withdraw about 3.4 thousand Ethiopian military troops participating in (UNISFA) peacekeeping missions in the Abyei region.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Sudan has received the approval of the United Nations to withdraw Ethiopian troops in the disputed Abyei region within three months.

The relationships between both Sudan and Ethiopia have soured recently due to the Renaissance Dam issue, and Sudan’s restoration of its lands in al-Fashaga from the grip of the Ethiopian forces and militias.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maryam al-Sadiq, received news of the approval during a virtual meeting with the envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General for the Horn of Africa, Parfit Anyanga.

“The meeting concluded with an agreement to withdraw the Ethiopian component of the security force in the Abyei region within the next three months,” al-Mahdi said.

Sudan had previously requested the withdrawal of UNISFA forces from Abyei after having then began to consider Addis Ababa as a non-neutral party.

The border strip between the two countries is witnessing a military build-up, in light of fears that the situation will slip into an armed conflict, which could then spread to the entire region.

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