US President says Afghanistan evacuation due to ISIS risk

US President Joe Biden said that his decision to complete the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan by the end of August was due to “increased” risk of attacks carried out against US forces by the local ISIS branch in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

AlTaghyeer – Agencies

Biden said that US-led airlift operations geared towards evacuating US citizens, western nationals, and Afghan citizens who cooperated with the US, must end soon due to a “severe and growing risk of an attack by a terrorist group known as ISIS-Khorasan.”

“Every day that we are on the ground is an additional day in which we know that ISIS-Khorasan is seeking to target the airport and attack American and allied forces” Biden said.

A White House statement said that Biden had informed the leaders of the Group of Seven on Tuesday that the United States is on its way to complete the US withdrawal from Afghanistan by August 31, depends on the Taliban’s cooperation.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon said the department trusts its ability to get all Americans who want to leave, but it still remains unclear whether the thousands of Afghans at risk will all be able to travel.

“We remain absolutely intent on meeting the target by the end of the month,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, adding that the department may need additional base overseas to host evacuees from Afghanistan.

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