Sudanese businessman Muawiya al-Barir released on bond

The Empowerment Removal Committee arrested Sudanese businessman, Muawiya al-Barir, in connection with a report regarding the seizure of a cotton gin in Sennar, before deciding to release him on bail.

AlTaghyeer: Khartoum: Ala’a Musa

On Thursday, Empowerment Removal Committee arrested businessman Muawiya Muhammad Ahmed al-Barir, on the background of a report against him of seizing Kassab’s cotton gins in the state.

According to the committee, and with the help of former Sennar governor Ahmed Abbas, al-Barir seized the Kassab cotton gins in 2012 for $3 million, while the actual value of the gins is estimated at more than $13 million.

Last July, the Sinja Criminal Court issued a ruling convicting the former governor of Sennar Ahmed Abbas of administrative corruption, abuse of power, breach of trust, and ordered his placement in a correctional institution for two years.

The rapporteur of the committee, Ali Tariq al-Arsh, told AlTaghyeer that the Khartoum State Public Prosecution Office had arrested al-Barir, and he was interrogated at the committee’s headquarters.

He added that the appointed Public Prosecutor decided to release him on a bond of 22 million pounds.

For his part, Omar Ahmed Dafa’aallah, al-Barir’s lawyer, said in a press statement on Thursday that the committee had opened a complaint against his client regarding claims by farmers who were among the shareholders in the Sennar Gin Company prior to its purchase by Muawiyah Al-Barir Investment Company.

He said that the matter was submitted to a higher agent of the Empowerment Removal Prosecution, who ordered the continuation of the investigation into the incident after a financial guarantee was deposited in his client’s name.

Dafa’aallah confirmed that al-Barir is now at his home.

On December 24, the Sennar Empowerment Removal Committee issued a decision to seize all fixed and movable assets belonging to “Abu Naama Food Production Company Limited”, owned by al-Barir.

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