Bahri locality raises complaints concerning hygiene

Bahri district has asked the central government in Sudan to help it revive hygiene projects that suffer from a lack of mechanisms and a lack of expenses.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

On Saturday, the Executive Director of Bahri District, Abdel Samie Abdel Hamid, revealed a deficit in the provision of hygiene mechanisms, amounting to 60 vehicles, in addition to the locality’s inability to provide fuel expenses for cleaning and environmental sanitation operations.

Coinciding with the revelation, also on Saturday, the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) in Sudan launched a cleanliness and environmental sanitation campaign from kicking off from Bahri.

Abdel Samie urged the federal government to extend a helping hand to the local government.

In statements made to Sudan News Agency, he said that hygiene requires mechanisms and vehicles for transporting waste (90 transport vehicles), while noting that the current workforce consists of 30 dilapidated vehicles.

“Fuel costs three billion pounds per week, equivalent to 12 billion pounds per month, which the local budget cannot cover” Abdel Samie said.

Khartoum suffers from major hygiene problems, and the spread of garbage had been exacerbated by the entry of the rainy season.

The campaign was inaugurated by the movement’s leader, Minister of Finance and Urban Planning, Jibril Ibrahim, starting from Bahri locality all the way to the Kadro suburb north of the capital.

Ibrahim said in a press statement, “The campaign was intended to seek to transform the capital into a safe and clean city, and to call upon everyone to achieve this goal.”

He called on citizens to participate in the campaign’s work in order to create a healthy environment free of epidemics, and to abide by the valuable habits that encourage cleanliness.

The minister pointed out the need to promote civilized behavior by introducing these concepts into the school curricula, starting with pre-school education to include all sectors of education.

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