Protesters block road leading to Sudan’s export ports

Residents of a village in Al-Faw locality blocked the Khartoum-Port Sudan road in an attempt to avoid flooding their village with the surplus water at the al-Rahad Canal.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Protesters in Sudan cut off the national road linking Khartoum and Port Sudan at the al-Faw locality in protest against the inundation of water in their village due to the passing of excess water through Al-Rahad Canal.

As a result of the rainy season, and the decline of water from the eastern heights, water levels increased in most of the country’s waterways, with some having entered the flood stage.

A citizen told Sudan News Agency that their village has was affected by the water venting from al-Rahad Canal towards the Khiari Bridge, due to the weakness of the protective gear.

He added that they are using the closure of the road to pressure the government into not venting the canal towards their village.

An individual in the regular forces, who requested his name be withheld, stated that the protesters rejected a request from the local commissioner to give him a 24-hour deadline to address the issue.

The road has been closed by youths belonging to the Nineteenth Village since 10 AM Saturday morning, and all attempts to dissuade the protesters from opening the path have failed.

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