Minawi, al-Mirghani agree on “al-Asl” agreement expansion and liberation of Sudan

Minni Arko Minawi, head of the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army, and Muhammad al-Hassan al-Mirghani, deputy head of the Democratic Unionist Party, have agreed on expanding a previous agreement between the two parties, and working for the success of the transitional period in Sudan.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The head of the Sudan Liberation Army Movement, governor of Darfur Minni Arko Minawi, and the deputy head of the Democratic Unionist Party Muhammad al-Hassan al-Mirghani, met to discuss the current situation in Sudan.

During the meeting the two parties agreed on the need for political forces and armed struggle movements to agree in order to make the transitional period a success and pass transparent and fair elections.

The meeting was attended by leaders from the Democratic Unionist Party and the Sudan Liberation Army Movement.

Last March, both the party and the movement decided to form four committees to achieve a strategic partnership aimed at establishing a broad political alliance.

The two sides assured, during Sunday’s meeting, to make every effort in their power to take the country out of its slumber and secure unity and cohesion for its social components.

The two parties agreed to continue meetings and communication and activate the work of the joint committee to expand the terms of the previous agreement between them in order to achieve consensus.

A joint committee between the Federalist Party and the movement agreed in a meeting last March on a national project that promotes peace.

The committee meeting decided – on that day – to form various political, social, economic, and organizational committees to help with various developmental efforts in the country.

The Democratic Unionist Party and the Sudan Liberation Army had previously signed a memorandum of understanding in Cairo on September last year.

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