Fire in Dongola damages over 1000 palm trees, 6 houses

A fire in the Bina area of ​​Dongola locality, northern Sudan, damaged about “1736” palm trees along with “6” houses, before the Civil Defense Forces took control of the situation.

Khartoum: Altraghyeer

The Civil Defense Forces in the Northern State have taken control of a fire that broke out in a palm farm in the Banna area of ​​Dongola locality, that had destroyed a number of palm trees.

In recent years, the northern state has witnessed the outbreak of several huge fires that destroyed hundreds of hectares of vegetation, most of which consisted of palm seedlings.

The Director of the Civil Defense Department in the Northern State, Colonel Eid al-Bulula Musa, said that a report had been received through the emergency room stating that a fire had broken out in a palm farm in the Bina area of ​​Dongola locality.

Al-Bulula confirmed, according to a police press office, that a quick response was made, and a force equipped with all the technical and logistical equipment was mobilized.

The Nothern state’s civil defense chief pointed out that the forces made an appreciable effort in putting out the fires and controlling themin a short time and isolating the flames from spreading to the neighboring farms.

He explained that the losses caused by fires amounted to about 1,736 palm trees, and 6 uninhabited houses.

Bulula also pointed out that the cause of the fire was due to the removal of weeds nearby  of palm trees by farmers, and appealed to farmers to be careful, especially since palm fruits are the premier cash crop for the people of the region and the state.

Incidents of palm fires have been remarkably frequent in recent years and in areas close to each other, especially in the areas of Halfa, Dongola, Nuri, Argo, and Tangsi and other areas of the state.

Most of the fires are attributed to weed removal operations carried out by farmers, and random field burning.

The state’s citizens complained about the lack of adequate capabilities and infrastructure to help the civil defense fight these fires when they occur, and demanded tools and aid.

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