Hamdok talks FFC, no worries over Sudan’s future

Sudanese PM Abdullah Hamdok urged the FFC to nominate governors who have popular and societal support in a way that helps them carry out their duties.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

On Sunday, Sudanese PM Abdalla Hamdok affirmed his confidence in the country’s future, saying that he has “no worries over Sudan’s future”.

Last June, Hamdok launched an initiative to fortify the democratic transition and the unity of the revolutionary forces in the country.

The Prime Minister has met with the presidency of the Council of Ministers and a delegation of leaders of Forces of Freedom and Change, to discuss the cohesion of the ruling coalition.

The meeting discussed the issue of delaying the formation of the Legislative Council and the formation of commissions, on the grounds that their absence leads to shortcomings in discharging the executive government’s duties.

The Prime Minister received a memorandum at the meeting in support of his initiative “The Way Forward”, and a call for expanding its umbrella to cover the entire Sudanese spectrum.

The leader of FFC Muhammad Esmat explained that Hamdok expressed great support for the unity of his coalition and the necessity of its cohesion.

He pointed out that the meeting dealt with the Prime Minister’s initiative, during which an understanding was reached.

Ismat added that the meeting also briefed on the Prime Minister’s vision on appointing the governors on the basis of ensuring mass and societal support and creating estimated political incubators within the state.

Esmat added that today’s meeting agreed to create a continuous communication mechanism with the Prime Minister’s Office.

He described the meeting as transparent and fruitful and marked by a great deal of national rationality required in such circumstances.

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