Sudanese Minister of Defense: Army ready to implement security arrangements’ tasks

The Sudanese Minister of Defense announced the army’s readiness to implement the tasks of the security arrangements contained in the Juba Peace Agreement in Sudan, a file that faces major complications nearly a year after the signing.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Sudanese Minister of Defense, Lieutenant-General Ibrahim Yassin, affirmed the armed forces’ readiness to work with all relevant authorities in implementing security arrangements tasks, and to merge the forces in accordance with what was stated in the Juba Peace Agreement document.

On Sunday, a workshop, arranged by the United Nations Integrated Mission to Support the Transitional Period in Sudan (UNITAMS) was held at al-Salam Hotel in Khartoum to in support of the Permanent Ceasefire Committee.

The movements that signed the peace agreement continued to complain about the delay in implementing the security arrangements and accused the transitional government, especially its military component, of being reluctant.

Addressing the workshop, the Minister of Defense said that the armed forces will work in coordination with the United Nations mission, and that they will accept advice from all concerned parties.

Lt. Gen. Yassin stressed that armed forces fully prepared to deploy throughout the country to implement the peace agreement.

The minister explained that the weakness of financial resources prevented the implementation of security arrangements protocols.

He expressed his hope that the workshop would come up with recommendations that would contribute to the peaceful transition of power and achieve the goals of the transitional period.

For his part, Head of UNITAMS Volker Perthes described the events in the cities of el-Geneina and Zalingei as indicative of the fragile security situation in Darfur, noting that more efforts are to be made to address it in order to establish stability.

Perthes expressed his hope that the joint forces will be deployed there as soon as possible.

The UN official said that he would submit a report to the UN Security Council in New York, and would brief it on all the situations in Darfur’s states and the work of the UNITAMS mission.

He noted that his mission works in coordination with all concerned parties to achieve stability and protect civilians, and to involve the Sudanese people, especially women, to play their active role in laying the foundations for security and stability.

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