Ruling coalition in Sudan reaches out to forces rejecting new declaration

The ruling coalition in Sudan announced the start of communication with the revolutionary forces that did not sign its new political declaration.

Khartoum: AlTraghyeer: Ala’a Musa

The ruling coalition in Sudan revealed that it had started communicating with the forces of the revolution that did not sign the political declaration for the unity of the forces of freedom and change, which took place yesterday, Wednesday.

The leader of the coalition, Kamal Bolad, said to AlTaghyeer that the political declaration emphasized communication with all the forces of the revolution that did not sign.


Parties affiliated with the transitional government announced their boycott of the announcement, led by the Communist Party and the Sudan Liberation Army Movement led by Minni Arko Minawi.

The Justice and Equality Movement, affiliated with the Revolutionary Front, objected, and demanded that it be withdrawn until all the forces of the revolution agreed.

“There will be a precise program of work to continue to cross the country to safety,” Bolad said.

“With the administration, we will overcome these obstacles until we cross the transition period,” he added.

The leader of the coalition explained that the one who looks deeply into the nature of the announcement realizes the nature of the dialogues that took place until they reached this level.

In order to take advantage of the mistakes that occurred in the previous period, he denied that the announcement was a circumvention of the revolution.

“Any wise person cannot say that the declaration has circumvented the revolution.”

He pointed out that the essence of the declaration fully expresses the goals of the revolution, and its missions, leading to the peaceful transfer of power.

The new political declaration includes a unity between the Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change, the Revolutionary Front, and the Umma Party.

The Forces for Freedom and Change were established based on a declaration made by the Sudanese Professionals Association of the same name on January 1, 2019.

The first establishment came in the midst of the popular protests that toppled the former regime on April 11, 2019.

The FFC engaged in negotiations with the Military Council, and signed a constitutional document with it in August 2019.

The document allowed the coalition parties equally to rule a transitional period with the military, ending with the holding of general elections.

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