Sudan: Cultivation of 700,000 acres in Gezira project

An official at the Gezira agricultural project, central Sudan, announced that a total of 700,000 acres of crops have been planted.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The cultivated areas, according to the Director of the Agricultural Department of the Gezira project, Osman al-Samani Koukou, distributed 250,000 acres of corn and 111,000 acres of cotton.

Koukou pointed out that the area of ​​soybean cultivation has been expanded to 10,000 acres, after successful cultivation during the past two seasons.

The Director of the Agricultural Department of the Gezira project stressed the economic and nutritional importance of the soybean crop.

He pointed to the farmers’ success in dealing with soybean cultivation, pointing out the benefits of cultivating soybeans on the land, within the agricultural cycle.

The agricultural department director also noted the success of introducing animal life into the agricultural cycle.

Koko said that the state responded by contributing to the financing of cotton cultivation, which was reflected in an increase in the cultivated area.

The corn crop is one of the crops that found care from farmers, despite the problems that faced agriculture at the beginning of the season, especially the problem of fertilizer and the increase in fuel prices, he added.

Koko regarded the challenges facing the project and said that the most important of them is the problem of irrigation, which had become an increasingly prevalent problem due to increased production.

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