Dozens of villages reject mining activities in northern Sudan

Village processions gathered in the town of Ibri to express a collective refusal of mining activities in the Nubian region in Sudan and aspirations to generalize the move across all northern state.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

On Thursday, hundreds of residents of northern villages in Sudan marched in protest to the town of Ibri in the Northern state, in opposition to mining activities in the area.

The participants in the procession, which was called by several demanding bodies, affirmed their rejection of mining activities of all kinds.

This is because mining causes problems related to the environment, community health, and public rights.

According to a circular by the Secretary of Foreign Relations of the Nubian Alliance, Muhammad Osman Abdel Qader, several proposals were circulated to initiate anti-mining activities in the Nubian region.

In the forefront of which is the formation of committees to confront the threats on the ground, particularly mining.

Last May, the Sudanese Ministry of Minerals revealed joint efforts to combat the use of mercury in the country’s mining operations.

The ministry said efforts led by a Russian mining company operating in the country aimed to combat the use of mercury in mining operations.

The ministry also announced its support for all initiatives that benefit the extraction of all minerals through environmentally friendly methods.

The Nile River State announced its intention to prevent the use of mixers, washing machines and thiourea to extract gold in residential, agricultural, and grazing areas.

The state attributed this to the health threats caused by the practices of miners to human health and the environment.

Gold had turned into the largest tributary for the country’s public treasury following the secession of the south in 2011.

Thousands of Sudanese have engaged in traditional mining activities, especially in the states of the River Nile, the North, River Nile, and Darfur.

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