Sudan proposes 124 investment projects to Saudi Arabia

Sudan presented a package of investment projects to the Saudi side during the Investment Think Tank currently being held in Khartoum.

Khartoum: Assayha

The government in Sudan proposed 124 projects to the Saudi side in a variety of fields, with an offering that included 77 public-private partnership projects and 47 investment projects.

On Sunday, the first working session of the Sudanese-Saudi Investment Forum was held in Khartoum, chaired by the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, Dr. Hadi Mohammed Ibrahim.

During the session, a presentation was given on the opportunities and advantages of investing in Sudan in the fields of livestock, agriculture, energy, mining, oil, and infrastructure.

Dr. Hadi confirmed keenness to overcome investment obstacles in the country, and explained that the projects took into account the remote and less developed areas, to contribute to creating balanced development, achieving added value and increasing exports, in addition to projects that achieve food security.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s projects included production, marketing, and manufacture of gum arabic in the “gum arabic belt” states with an area of ​​“1450” acres at a cost of “500” million dollars for the first year.

In addition to the Hashaba project for agricultural and animal production, the Jebel Marra project for agricultural development, and the establishment of water harvesting facilities and cultivation of corn, peanuts, and fruits at a cost of 850 million dollars.

The livestock and fisheries projects included exports of red meat and animal products in Kordofan and the Nile River with an area of ​​one million acres at a cost of $700 million, in addition to fish farming projects and modern automated slaughterhouses.

The industrial sector included a complex of leather products, small factories for the production of sugar, a project for the textile industry, and a project for the manufacture of human and veterinary medicines.

The irrigation field included the Upper Atbara Agricultural Project, and the East al-Rusairis Irrigation Project.

Several projects were proposed in the field of urban development, the field of transport which included railway projects in a number of states, the rehabilitation and modernization of workshops, and the Sudanese Shipping Lines Company Limited (the National Maritime Carrier).

The projects in the field of communications and digital transformation included the Emaar project “to cover areas affected by conflicts and wars.”

Several projects were proposed in the energy and oil sector, as well as the development of Line 12 to transport petroleum products (Port Sudan – Khartoum).

The projects included a number of fields in the electricity and minerals sector as well, in addition to establishing free zones and markets.

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