Cabinet approves the 2021 budget estimates

On Tuesday, the cabinet approved the revised budget estimates for the fiscal year 2021, and recommended the rehabilitation and development of productive sectors and the continuation of the expansion of the tax umbrella.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Sudanese Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Jibreel Ibrahim, revised budget estimates for the year 2021 before the Council of Ministers.

He noted that the estimates were based on references that included the government’s priorities for the transitional period, the Extended Credit Facility Program, the Tripartite Program for Stability and Economic Development 2021-2023, the sustainable development goals, the outcomes of the Juba Peace Conference, and the constitutional document.

The Council of Ministers held its regular meeting No. 31, headed by Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, on Tuesday.

The cabinet recommended the necessity of rehabilitating and developing the productive sectors, continuing to expand the tax umbrella, implementing the “Thamarat” program, supporting cooperatives and providing financing for development projects and peace requirements, in addition to water projects and strengthening governance.

The Cabinet then approved the budget estimates for the fiscal year 2021 AD.

The Cabinet also reviewed the report of the Ministry of Transport on the Arqin and Ashkeet crossings, which was presented by the Director of the Land Transport and Crossings Department at the Ministry of Transport.

The report pointed to the biggest problems facing the work of the Arqin crossing, and referred to the stages of the ministry’s plan to return the crossing to its optimum state provided the required resources are available.

The Cabinet also received a briefing on the situation of the country’s electricity supply, presented by the Minister of Energy and Oil, Jaden Ali Al-Obeid.

The minister referred to the ministry’s continuous efforts to utilize alternative energy and organize a workshop on the partnership system and renewable energies, work on the development of meters and the use of solar cells, and the efforts made for networking with Egypt and Ethiopia.

The Cabinet deliberated on the subject, and directed an individual session to discuss energy issues through an integrated vision next week.

The Council listened to an enlightenment on the investment forum between Sudan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was held during September 11-13 in the Friendship Hall, on “6” main axes representing the joint investment priorities for the two countries, presented by the Minister of Investment, Dr. al-Hadi Mohammed Ibrahim.

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