Minister reveals plans for private sector involvement in electricity generation

Jadein Ali Obaid, the Minister of Energy and Petroleum in Sudan, revealed plans concerned with allow the private sector the opportunity to begin providing electricity services at competitive prices.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Minister of Energy and Petroleum said that the power generation in Sudan is witnessing great obstacles that demand monumental efforts to fix the burdens the electricity sector had inherited.

According to SUNA, Jadein called for the diversification and the innovation of renewable energy production, which he noted have become an integral part of the future of energy.

Jadein noted that, despite 60% of Sudan’s population being outside the electrical coverage grid, power production has become exponentially costlier as of late, and that the 40% included within the national coverage grid are in need of better, stable services.

He revealed that the 3000 megawatt producing electricity sector requires $2 billion annually, 60% of which goes into fuel and maintenance, with the remaining going into facilitating services.

The Minister revealed that the advancement of the country’s electricity sector requires amendments to the managerial structure, and evaluating the experience of transferring the central committee to more specialized companies.

He noted that the country is also increasingly moving towards solar energy and attracting more foreign investors.

Jadein also called on all Sudanese academicians and researchers to work on plans that would help secure the infrastructure for Sudan’s future energy platform.

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