Hamdok: Former regime a threat for transitional period

Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok addressed the nation hours after the thwarting of a coup attempted by the remnants of the former regime.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok stressed on Tuesday that the former regime has turned into a real threat to the transitional period in Sudan.

The army thwarted a failed coup attempt at dawn on Tuesday, with military and civilian elements loyal to the former regime Omar al-Bashir being accused of orchestrating it it.

Hamdok accused the military and civilian elements working with the former regime of having orchestrated the coup in an attempt to undermine the transition process.

The Prime Minister directed the Dismantling Committee to take immediate steps to prevent these activities that obstruct the process of the transitional period.

Hamdok warned against lenience in dealing with the manifestations of the national crisis represented in the lawlessness, cutting national roads, and closing ports, and oil fields.

This in reference to a civil entity called the Supreme Council of Beja Tribal Leaders and Independent Mayors proceeded to close down roads leading eastern Sudan, cutting off passages leading to the Red Sea’s export ports.

The Prime Minister pointed out that imposing the prestige of the state calls for expediting security reforms at this stage.

Hamdok described the failed attempt as a lesson, calling for a review of all the transitional period’s experience, and work to restore things to the right place.

He called on the partners in government to urgently complete the structures of the transitional authority, particularly the Legislative Council, the Constitutional Court, and the commissions.

The Prime Minister called on the masses of the Sudanese people to exercise their right to express their support for the transitional government, by all available means.

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