Sudanese Minister reveals civilian involvement in coup

The Sudanese Minister of Information revealed that all those complicit in Tuesday’s failed coup – both civilians and military personnel – are in custody at the moment.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Hamza Balol, the Sudanese Minister of Information, affirmed that civilian elements were involved in the planning of Tuesday’s aborted coup.

The minister accused remnants of Omar al-Bashir’s deposed regime of being complicit in the failed coup in an attempt to regain power in the country.

Balol noted that efforts are ongoing in pursuing remaining members of the dissolved regime who aided in the attempt to overthrow the government.

The Sudanese authorities have announced that all people involved in the government takedown attempt have been apprehended and are currently being interrogated.

Minister Balol revealed that he will be revealing further information regarding the matter within the coming hours.

Transitional sovereignty Council member and alternate president of the Empowerment removal Committee Mohammad al-Faki  has called on the people of Sudan to “go out and defend the Sudanese revolution and democratic transition”.

Al-Faki also confirmed that the army officers have been apprehended and were being subject to interrogation at the moment.

The Sudan News Agency (SUNA) reported that all those involved in Tuesday’s coup attempt have been transferred to the state’s custody, while statements attributed to a Radio delegate at the Council of Ministers reported that there were attempts to negotiate with remaining officers involved in the coup who are refusing to exit their tanks to surrender peacefully.

Latest reports have revealed that all those involved in the aborted coup attempt have been taken into custody, with their identities yet to be revealed.

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