Suspected failed coup leader Al-Bakrawi: What we know

Several allegations suggest that Major General Abdul Baqi al-Hussein, known as “al-Bakrawi”, was in command of Tuesday’s failed coup attempt.

AlTaghyeer: Amal Muhammad al-Hassan

A high-ranking military source revealed to AlTaghyeer that Major General Abdul Baqi Al-Hussein, known as “Al-Bakrawi”, who had allegedly spearheaded by the failed coup attempt, had been allegedly serving a six month military suspension following the ouster of President Omar al-Bashir.

Bakrawi was arrested that day following an audio recording that went viral on social media in which he criticized the Rapid Support Forces.

According to the source, the recording stated: “The military institution is not just about owning armored trucks.”

In the same voice message he published in a WhatsApp group, he pledged to “eliminate the Rapid Support Forces with a single tank”.

The highly decorated Major General was subjected to a court-martial, and the source noted that al-Bakrawi’s military detention led to the instability of his diabetes, forcing him to travel to Cairo and remain there for about a year.

Doctors in Cairo decided to amputate his toes, but the rapid spread of diabetes induced  gangrene led to the amputation of the foot just above the knee, necessitating a prosthetic limb for al-Bakrawi.

The source then confirmed that al-Bakrawi returned to Khartoum a week before the military establishment was surprised by his coup attempt.

The military source described the coup attempt as an “abuse to the armed forces.”

“You cannot control a single main bridge and call it a military coup,” the source said.

According to sources who spoke to AlTaghyeer, the failed coup’s second in command was a deputy major at the armored forces who had a very faithful following.

“If he was to take on the sea they’d have followed him,” according to the sources.

The authorities did not reveal the identity of the parties involved in the coup, but indicated that the participants belonged to remnants of the annihilated regime.

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