Military source reveals details about the coup

A well-informed military source confirmed to AlTaghyeer that the perpetrator of the failed coup, Major General Abdel-Baqi Al-Hassan “Al-Bakrawi” and his group, surrendered after learning that their coup plot had failed.

AlTaghyeer: Amal Muhammad Al-Hassan

The military source indicated that the movements the coup members began at three in the morning on Tuesday morning.

The source, who preferred to remain nameless, stated that the coup members prevented the commander of the Armored Corps from entering and asked him to go back home on Tuesday.

“After learning of the failure of their attempt, they allowed him to enter his office,’ the source added.

Al-Bakrawi and those with him were locked in another office until they were handed over to Military Intelligence.

The source denied that negotiations happened with the putschists, confirming they had completely surrender on their own, and noted that the number of officers involved was less than the previously reported 40.

The source did not reveal the whereabouts of the accused in the coup attempt, stressing that after investigations they will be brought to trial on charges of undermining the constitutional order.

The military source explained that the perpetrators of the coup were unable to seize control of any institution or road.

The General Command of the Sudanese Armed Forces confirmed the validity of the coup attempt in a statement.

“Some officers and military personnel from other ranks tried in the early hours of Tuesday morning to make an attempt to seize power in the country,” the statement read.

“Most of the participants in the failed attempt, 28 officers and a number of non-commissioned officers and soldiers, were arrested,” the statement added.

“All the sites seized by the coup members have been restored, and the search and investigation is still underway to arrest the rest of those involved.”

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